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How To Post Event Reminders to Slack

filed under netlify, slack, netlify functions, and javascript.

At Virtual Coffee, we have events almost every day, and we hang out in Slack every day! So, it was inevitable that we'd get some sort of event reminders going in Slack. Our first pass was by the late Mike Rogers (we miss you, Mike ❤️). Our events were listed on MeetingPlace.io, so Mike wrote a Ruby app to pull date down from MeetingPlace and post to Slack: Meetingplace Events Bot.

When we moved from Meetingplace to our own CMS, I took the chance to do some upgrades, and convert to Javascript, at the same time. Follow along and we can get some event reminders going for you!

Front-End Q&A

filed under css, html, javascript, and front end.

A couple of weeks ago, a good friend sent me an email with a list of questions for me. He'd been out of the front-end game for a little while, and wanted to pick my brain a little bit. I thought that instead of just answering him directly, I'd share my answers with everyone.

CSS/Javascript Word Clock

filed under css, html, and javascript.

A little Friday-fun experiment I built: a word clock using CSS3 transforms and a little Javascript to run the actual clock. Useful? Maybe not. Fun? Definitely.

Convert Pixels To Ems - A Bookmarklet

filed under front end, em, pixel, bookmarklet, css, and javascript.

Recently, I was writing a Javascript app that involved some animated, expanding boxes. While doing this, I realized I needed a way to dynamically convert pixels to computed ems. The function wasn't too complicated, and so I decided to make a bookmarklet out of it that did the same thing. It was kind of fun. Hopefully you'll find it useful, either in javascript, or to remove the headache when you're trying to create pixel-perfect designs using ems