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Auto-Cropping Rounded Corners

filed under front end, em, pixel, and css.

I know, I know. What this world really needs is a new rounded corners solution. With CSS3 support right around the corner (ha, right), why bother, right? Well, this solution offers something new to the world of rounded corners. What it does is this: it crops the content below it, so that anything with a background color or image (headers, paragraphs, even images) automatically get the rounded corner treatment with no extra work. See below:

Convert Pixels To Ems - A Bookmarklet

filed under front end, em, pixel, bookmarklet, css, and javascript.

Recently, I was writing a Javascript app that involved some animated, expanding boxes. While doing this, I realized I needed a way to dynamically convert pixels to computed ems. The function wasn't too complicated, and so I decided to make a bookmarklet out of it that did the same thing. It was kind of fun. Hopefully you'll find it useful, either in javascript, or to remove the headache when you're trying to create pixel-perfect designs using ems