My name is Dan Ott

I am a freelance web developer. I've worked professionally in the web development field since 1999, and full-time since 2007. I count myself as one of those lucky few people who actually enjoy what they do.

Elsewhere on the internet

You can find me on GitHub, on Twitter, on Pinboard, CodePen or, occasionally, on Flickr.


I'm not currently accepting new contract work, but I'm always interested in what's going on. Hit me up any time at dan at this domain.



I've been an freelance developer for over ten years, specializing in front-end architecture and development. Since 2007, I've worked almost exclusively with Sprokets, a collection of independent creative professionals.

Personal Projects

LESS CSS Toolkit

A collection of re-usable LESS CSS Mixins.

CSS3 Clock

Animated Word Clock in CSS3


More Drawing in Canvas

Speaking of HTML5 and canvas, Carsonified has a nice little tutorial to get started with canvas. This article includes a good overview of where you can use canvas (anywhere), which browsers support it (most of them, at least with a little help (even IE6!)), and how to get going with some easy stuff.

Firefox 3.5 - CSS3 Boogaloo

As I'm sure you're aware, Firefox 3.5 was released recently. If you haven't already, I would suggest updating(:

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